Whether installing a new roof or refitting an existing one, it provides the ideal opportunity for increasing or introducing insulation into the roofing space.

Whether for commercial or domestic properties, there should always be an air gap between the insulation and the roofing membrane (breathable or non-breathable) in a slate or tiled roof.

How big that gaps is depends on the type of membrane being used in the roofing project. The membrane is fitted to act as a secondary layer of waterproofing for the property. It lies underneath the tiles or slates and will allow any water than manages to sneak through the main defence and simply run off. This is why your property can still be protected from the rain when you have lost some roof slates thanks to nail rot or storm damage.

On older roofs that have a traditional bitumen based roofing felt, the air gap should be a minimum of 50mm to allow for adequate ventilation. If the roofing has been laid directly onto the rafters, the air gap should be between 10-15mm. However big or small the air gap, it is critical that there is a channel for water drainage that allows water from the top of the roof area to run to the bottom.

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