There are a few ways that a roof can loose slates. From more serious issues like nail sickness and storm damage to minor issues like a poorly installed slate.

But whatever the cause, if slates have come loose on your roof then they have created an entry point for rain water to penetrate your home and cause internal damage to your property.

Just because a hole in a roof may look small doesn’t not mean that it will cause minimal damage. A leaking roof can cause all sorts of damage to your property, possessions and internal electrics.

Glasgow is well know for its bad weather. From howling winds to blankets of rain – and sometimes both at the same time. This means that slate roofs across the city take a regular pounding from Mother Nature. And while so many of us take our cars to the garage every year to have them serviced and MOT’d – a surprisingly small number of us actually do the same for our roofs. Instead so many of us wait for our roofs to fail before we do anything about it.

At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we are a Glasgow Roofer with over 35 years experience in roofing, roof repairs and maintenance. From simple slate repairs and replacements to full roof replacement jobs, we cover them all and have been providing a class leading roofing service for our residential, commercial and industrial customers constantly for near four decades.

Our level of experience gives us an advantage over other Glasgow Roofers. Through our years, we have built a strong ‘database’ of rooftypes unique to Glasgow and its architecture. From the decorative lead work of older sandstone homes to decorative slate patterns, shapes and styles of more modern homes across the city. This experience means that we can offer more than our competitors. When we say we have seen it all and done it all – we really do mean it.

Roofing is a bit of an art form. Understanding the construction methods of homes that are over a hundred years old in order to best repair them is not something that is acquired over night. From the famous ‘Tobacco Lord’ homes of Glasgow’s West End to more modern Slate Roofed Homes in the East End, our experience of slate repairs on roofs old and new is invaluable.

We have worked on more than our fair share of roofs after the original Roofer in Glasgow had tried to fix a leaking roof and failed because they simply didn’t know what they were looking for.

So if you need a quality roofer in Glasgow. One who will turn up when they say they will and get the job done then you need to call Balmore Roofing.

Call our head office today to speak to our friendly team and get a time booked for one of our roofing engineers to do a site visit and inspect your roof.