Survey your roof in safety with our aerial drones and their HD Video and image capturing technology.

When it comes to asbestos roofs, there are numerous health risks that need to be considered when you are repairing an existing asbestos roof, replacing and disposing of an asbestos roof or simply carrying out a survey of a roof to find out its current state.

At Balmore Roofing, we treat health and safety seriously and put the safety of our employees right at the top of our priorities.  Which is why when we provide roof survey services for asbestos roofs, we can use advanced commercial aerial drones to conduct the surveys.  That way we are able to conduct a live analyses of your roof AND show you the results without putting anyone in harms way of the roof in question.

The aerial drones that we can use don’t just cover the outside of a building, we also have access to indoor aerial drones that can reach difficult to access places where humans would generally struggle to crawl to.  This can be especially handy for larger commercial buildings that feature asbestos tiled roofing.

Our aerial drones use the latest in advanced HD 4K video capturing technology and thermal imaging so that we can carry out fully detailed surveys or all types of roof.  With thermal imaging, we can identify weak areas of roofs that are failing and need immediate attention.

It is all part of our full service of roofing repairs, maintenance and surveys that we offer across Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland.  With our video capturing services we can visually show you what areas of your roof are in need of repairs and what areas need regular maintenance and attention so that you know exactly what we are going to be doing to fix your roof and why.  No longer do you have to reply on the roofers word that the roof is in need of repairs.  We can prove it to you.

If you would like to know more about asbestos roof repairs from Balmore and the use of aerial drones to survey your asbestos roof, please call our head office in Glasgow by calling 0141 944 6100