From aeroplanes to large-scale engineering projects such as bridges and communication towers, the routine inspection and maintenance of structural supporting bolts are integral to ensuring the overall safety of these structures and vehicles.

When it comes to inspecting structures like steel bridges, the intricate shapes, limited access points, and varying angles make traditional methods like scaffolding, ladders, and cherry pickers impractical and expensive.

Bolt Inspection Project Rope Access Services offer the most effective solution for close-up, precise, and swift bolt inspections.

Our Rope Access Team, based in Glasgow, delivers rope access inspection services throughout Scotland. As specialists in difficult access, our team holds full qualifications, certifications, and extensive experience in inspection rope access.

We offer a range of services from photographic inspections and documentation to actual maintenance and repair work on corroded bolts.

Routine Inspection Requirements Given the heavy loads that many structures in Scotland endure, regular inspection, maintenance, and testing of bolts to industry standards are imperative. While inspection frequency may vary depending on the load-bearing capacity of structures, most require inspections at least once every 12 months.

At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we’ve provided reliable and award-winning inspection and maintenance services for over 35 years. We can deliver the same quality service as part of scheduled and routine inspection projects tailored to your requirements.

For more information about our Bolt Inspection and Rope Access services, please contact our Glasgow Head Office on 0141 944 6100.