The winter wind and rain is not the only thing your roof have to endure.

Summer heatwaves can be just as damaging to a roof as a winter storm.

The blistering heat can lead to substantial wear and tear which can damage your industrial roof. The extreme heat of a summer heatwave can bring problems with the roof structure and materials of the roof itself. Bitumen roofs can melt, slates and tiles can crack and flat roofing can degrade because of the prolonged UV light and heat from the sun.

The materials that make up your industrial roof can suffer from the exposure of sunlight. Asphalt and tar are especially vulnerable to the UV radiation from the sun which will slowly alter the chemical structure of these materials, causing moisture evaporation in the material which makes your roof more brittle and prone to cracking and tearing when the winter weather does roll in.

Dry Rot

You will have heard about wet rot but did you know that summer heatwaves can cause dry rot? During a heatwave, the oils in roofing material can evaporate, drying them out. This can cause energy loss in the building, potential flat roofing collapse and leaks in heavy rain.

Sun Damage

The sun can damage your roof by causing bleaching and burning while turning materials brittle. While the roofing materials commonly used in Scotland can generally take the effects of sun damage, they are only designed to cope with so much. Heatwaves like the ones we have had in the Summer of 2022 which break records are pushing roofing materials to the limit.

Thermal Shock

While the summer heatwave can damage your roof during the day, the thermal shock caused by cooler nights can be equally damaging. The expansion and contraction of your roof can create cracks, open up gaps and allow rain water to enter when the bad weather does come in.

What can I do about it?

The best way to protect your roof is with inspection and maintenance programmes. At Balmore, we are a multi-service construction company in Glasgow, we have experience in commercial, industrial and private contracts and are approved contractors for the installation of Decothane & Hyperdesmo seamless roofing systems. Our Managing Director, Victor MacKay, has been in the industry for over 40 years, working on many prestigious and high profile roofing projects ranging from historic cathedral building restoration to modern power station chimneys that can reach up to 750ft high.

Roofing leaks and damage to a businesses offices can produce mass disruption to day to day business dealings. Our industrial roofing team work diligently to ensure that businesses do not significantly suffer disruption due to roof leaks and damage.

While no roof, commercial or domestic, is safe from the weather that Scotland and Mother Nature can conjure up, our industrial roofing team are some of the best in the business and in close to four decades, we have seen it all and worked in it all. And in an industry like this, experience truly matters.

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