The lead work that is used to prevent water accessing your home around the corners and walls around your chimney is the lead chimney gutter and flashing. This detailing is just as important as the actual tiled roofing work that protects your home yet is so often poorly installed and poorly maintained compared to the main roof.

While people will get their car serviced every year to ensure that it is running smoothly; roofs only receive maintenance when something has gone wrong and so often, the lead work around your chimney is left completely unmaintained as so many roofers are simply not equipped to handle this type of roofing.

Yet when you spot a damp patch appearing in your properties bedroom ceiling, it can commonly be the lead flashing around your chimney that has given in to the elements and is allowing water to penetrate. So if you have noticed damp staining around the ceiling or walls of your home in the area below where your chimney stack is, it is highly likely that the issue is in fact the lead chimney gutters.

Balmore Specialist Contracts are one of Glasgow’s more experienced and recommended roofers. With over thirty five years of roofing in Glasgow, we have seen it all and worked on it all. From slate roofs to lead decorative works across the city. So if you have an issue with the lead work around your chimney and you want an experienced, professional roofer to repair the issue, call us today to discuss your issue and to receive a quotation for any repair and maintenance work.