While chimneys were once integral to a building’s heating system, the advent of modern boilers has rendered many chimneys inactive. This raises the question: why not consider chimney removal?

Chimneys attached to sandstone properties can pose significant hazards, being prone to instability and structural deterioration. Decay in the sandstone can compromise the chimney’s brickwork, posing a danger to residents due to its weight and potential collapse. Unlike the regular maintenance of slate or tiled roofs, chimneys are often overlooked, leading to issues such as damp penetration and interior wall damage over time.

While chimney repair can extend its lifespan, many homeowners in Glasgow prefer chimney removal as a safer, maintenance-free solution. At Balmore, we offer comprehensive chimney removal services for historic sandstone buildings across Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the central belt of Scotland. Our team of roofing and building maintenance specialists possesses the expertise to safely remove chimneys and seamlessly patch the space with high-quality slate or tiled roofing.

Here’s why you should consider chimney removal:

  1. Modernization: With the availability of modern central heating systems, chimneys are no longer essential for heating homes, especially in historic sandstone properties where they may no longer serve their original purpose.
  2. Prevention of Issues: Neglected chimneys can detract from the property’s aesthetics and contribute to roof leaks. Removing an unused chimney eliminates these potential problems.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution: While the cost of chimney removal varies based on size and access requirements, it eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs associated with an unused chimney.

As part of our roofing and building maintenance services, we offer free site inspections and detailed quotations for chimney removal projects. With nearly 40 years of service in the central belt of Scotland, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading local roofing contractors.

Our roofing services include:

From our Glasgow headquarters, we offer a comprehensive range of roofing and building maintenance solutions, from traditional repairs to emergency storm damage repairs.

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