Whether it’s removing, repairing, rebuilding, or restoring your home’s chimney, Balmore boasts over forty years of high quality chimney repair expertise across Glasgow.

Maintaining your home’s chimney is as crucial as caring for your slate or tiled roof. Storm damage and harsh weather can wreak havoc on chimneys and their lead flashings, necessitating timely repair work.

Our chimney repairs service encompasses original sandstone chimney stacks and parapet walls, re-pointing, rendering, capping, and chimney pot replacement.

However, discussing chimney repairs is one thing—accessing them can be quite another challenge. Unlike many other Glasgow Roofers and Building Maintenance Specialists, we have our in-house rope access team, specialists in difficult-to-reach roofing and ‘at height’ work. This enables us to carry out roof and chimney repairs easily and more cost-effectively, often without the need for expensive scaffolding.