Leading Rope Access Roofing and Building Maintenance Specialists in Scotland

Balmore Specialist Contracts stands at the forefront of rope access roofing and building maintenance firms in Scotland. Renowned for our expertise in tackling challenging access building maintenance and repair projects, we frequently undertake cladding replacement services with precision and efficiency.

Expertise in Re-cladding High-Rise Buildings

Re-cladding high-rise buildings presents unique challenges that require specialized rope access teams and access cradle systems. Our experienced rope access team possesses the skills and equipment necessary to remove existing cladding panels and replace them with new ones, irrespective of the building’s height. With minimal disruption to tenants’ daily lives and without the need for cumbersome scaffolding, we ensure seamless and efficient cladding replacement.

External Cladding Replacement and Installation

Our rope access team excels in installing external cladding systems for a diverse range of properties, including apartments, high-rise tower blocks, schools, residential homes, industrial facilities, factories, and office buildings. Collaborating closely with your facilities team, we prioritize safety and quality to make your building’s exterior cladding safe and secure for residents and occupants.

Importance of Cladding Replacement

Following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London, the issue of building cladding has garnered significant attention nationwide, including in Scotland. The use of Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) cladding, which was common in construction, has raised concerns about safety. The government has highlighted the dangers associated with ACM cladding and initiated plans for its replacement on buildings of all heights.

Government Funding Support

To accelerate cladding replacement initiatives, government funding has been allocated to facilitate the removal of hazardous cladding systems from buildings across Scotland. Balmore is committed to supporting these efforts by leveraging our expertise as experienced building maintenance contractors. With our headquarters in Glasgow, we extend our services throughout the country, offering timely and safe cladding replacement solutions.

Trust Balmore for Your Building Maintenance Needs

With a solid reputation for excellence in roofing, building maintenance, and rope access services, Balmore is your trusted partner for addressing cladding challenges and ensuring the safety of your building. To discuss your cladding concerns and explore tailored solutions, contact our Glasgow head office today at 0141 944 6100 or email sales@balmore-ltd.co.uk. Trust Balmore Specialist Contracts for reliable and efficient building maintenance solutions.