Commercial Rope Access Roof Repairs and Maintenance

With over 30 years experience in roofing and roof repairs/maintenance across Glasgow, Balmore have become experts in rope access roofer repairs.

Our team of roofers are all fully trained and certified for high height rope access roof repairs.

We carry out roofing repairs and other related services for commercial businesses in Glasgow, covering the following services:

Roof Slate Repairs

We are roofing specialists and having been repairing and maintaining roofs for 30 years across Glasgow.  In those 30 years we have built up or team of highly trained and  experienced roofers so you can be confident that you are getting the very best in roof repairs in the city.  We deal with all types of roof from Flat Roofs, slate roofs, tile roofs and many more.  We can even provide non-slip coatings for flooring to almost any surface so that you have a durable non-slip flooring application for any high height access roof points.

Building Repairs

With the range of historic and modern buildings in and around Glasgow, our commercial rope access team are highly skilled in restoring and repairing stonework on buildings across the city.  With our high height access, we can carry out restoration and reconstruction work on buildings in Glasgow.

Banner Works

Banner advertisements hanging over buildings and bridges are a powerful advertisement but with so many of them, they require banners to be hung from difficult access points.  Our commercial rope access team in Glasgow can provide a first class banner work service.

Roof Inspections

Rope Access can provide a quick and cost effective alternative to having to build up scaffolding to access a roof point.  Our rope access team can provide roofing and building inspections in and around Glasgow for a fraction of the cost of scaffolding roof inspections.

Window Cleaning

Modern commercial buildings and difficult to reach historic property with windows can all be cleaned faster and cheaper and with less upheaval than conventional window cleaning methods in Glasgow.

Building Cleaning

We can provide DOFF Steam Cleaning that can remove graffitti and other visual vandalism acts whilst also cleaning stonework.  Our rope access team can provide a full building cleaning service in Glasgow.