Treating Cut Edge Roofing Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion poses a prevalent challenge for many industrial and commercial roofing sites across Scotland. The exposed edges of pre-finished roofing sheets are susceptible to corrosion over time, leading to roof deterioration and potential water ingress into the building.

This corrosion occurs due to Scotland’s variable weather conditions and a lack of regular roofing maintenance. Left untreated, the exposed metal of roofing panels can corrode and perforate, risking structural integrity. Metal roofs are particularly vulnerable if protective coatings weaken or delaminate over time. To mitigate this corrosion and avoid costly sheet replacement, treating cut edge corrosion involves removing existing corrosion and applying new sealant.

Our Process:

  1. Initial Inspection: Our industrial roofing team conducts a thorough site inspection to assess the extent of corrosion and determine necessary repairs or replacements for metal roofing sheets.
  2. Preparation: Loose coating materials are removed, and surface corrosion is ground down and eliminated.
  3. Treatment: Sealant is applied to mid-sheet overlaps to fill joints, followed by a basecoat and final topcoat. For gutter edges, we apply a basecoat and then a topcoat.

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At our Glasgow-based multi-service construction company, we specialize in commercial, industrial, and private contracts, with expertise in Decothane & Hyperdesmo seamless roofing systems installation. With over 40 years of industry experience, our Managing Director, Victor MacKay, has overseen numerous prestigious roofing projects, from historic cathedral restoration to modern power station chimney maintenance.

Our Approach:

We understand that roofing leaks can disrupt business operations. Our industrial roofing team works diligently to minimize disruptions caused by roof leaks and damage.

With nearly four decades of experience, our team has encountered and tackled a wide range of roofing challenges, making us adept at handling diverse roofing scenarios.

We prioritize long-term partnerships with our clients, achieved through consistently delivering quality workmanship. We offer both one-off and scheduled maintenance contracts, always prioritizing health and safety through comprehensive risk assessments and adherence to strict safety protocols.

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