Across the central belt of Scotland, the majority of older sandstone homes feature slate roofs.

But just like there is more than one type of sandstone, there are more than one type of roofing slate. Ranging from natural slate to manmade roofing slates.

Natural Roof Slate

Natural roofing slates are one of the most beautiful styles of roofing slate. Primarily because their natural appearance gives them a unique finish that can enhance your homes beauty. All while being fireproof, resistant to frost (handy in Glasgow & Edinburgh) and requiring little maintenance.

Spanish Roof Slate

The most highly regarded modern roofing slate. Spanish slate tiles are also the most common. In fact, in Scotland, Spanish slate is used nearly 100% of the time for new roof fittings where the home owner has chosen slate tiles. What makes them popular is that they are more dense than other roofing tiles. This allows them to regulate their temperature which can actually save you money on your homes energy bills.

Welsh Roof Slate

Welsh Slate is highly regarded yet hard to get hold of. In fact the North Wales quarries that produce the slate are being considered for UNESCO status. Welsh Slate is incredibly durable with a lifespan of over 100 years. Which is why for so many homes in Glasgow and Edinburgh that use the slate, they have only had to have roofing maintenance conducted rather than new roofing work done.

Canadian Roof Slate

Less common in Scotland but highly regarded for both high quality AND high strength, Canadian Roofing Slate is often compared favourably to Welsh Slate because even though it is sourced from further away, it is actually less expensive than Welsh Slate.

Brazilian Slate

Brazil is actually the second biggest manufacturer of slate used for roofing. It is durable, long lasting and is growing in popularity. What makes Brazilian slate interesting is that it is actually produced from mudstone rather than metamorphic rock found in ‘real’ slate.

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