Dormers are a popular and common roofing feature that so many homes across Glasgow feature yet dormer roof repairs may still be required after storm damage and neglect.

From traditional Victorian period sandstone homes to modern bungalows, a dormer is a terrific way of extending your loft space and helping to add more light and room to your loft/upper floor of your home.

For so many home owners, the conversion of their loft into an additional usable room is a lot more effective and cheaper than having to move home.

Yet a dormer is still effectively another part of your roof and in Glasgow, when the wind pick up and the heavy rain starts to batter down, any roof, whether it is old or new is vulnerable to storm damage and can allow water to leak through into your home.

At Balmore, we are Glasgow Roofer with over 40 years experience. That means that we have worked on all styles, shapes and sizes of dormer, providing repair services and refitting services for homes with fitted dormers.

From slate to tiled roofing, our team are able to conduct a full inspection, repair and maintenance service for your homes dormer roof.

And while so many roofers will immediately have to quote for expensive scaffolding as part of a dormer repair job, our rope access team can provide a real cost saving for your roof repair.

At Balmore, we provide a full roofing and building maintenance service. This gives us a real unique selling point over so many of our competitors because we are not just another roofing company in Glasgow. Our experience and skills cover everything from stone restoration and repair to all manner or roofing services.

It is this combination of quality service and deeply engrained skill set that means we can offer our customers more. Our constant reinvestment in our team and our equipment has meant we have grown from ‘just another’ roofer when we started in 1984 to become one of the leading roofers in Glasgow.

And we will continue to grow and expand so that we can offers our customers the very best in roofing and building maintenance service.

So if you require dormer roof repairs in Glasgow, please call our head office today on 0141 944 6100