Regular Inspection and Emergency Repairs for Sandstone Chimney Stacks

Chimney stacks on sandstone properties require regular checks to detect any signs of sandstone decay or leaning, which may necessitate immediate repairs. Whether your property boasts red or blonde sandstone, factors such as water saturation, weathering, and inadequate maintenance can all contribute to significant issues with your chimney stack.

Common issues that may prompt emergency chimney repairs include:

  1. Damaged brickwork and stonework
  2. Pointing failure or collapse
  3. Sandstone decay
  4. Storm damage
  5. Frost damage
  6. Leadwork damage
  7. Accidental damage (e.g., from satellite dish installation)

Your property’s chimney is designed to endure the elements day in and day out. However, for many buildings in Glasgow that have stood for over a century, this entails enduring the city’s ever-changing weather conditions year after year. Whether your chimney has suffered from frost or storm damage or has been neglected over the years, our experienced emergency roofers possess the expertise to handle urgent chimney repairs.

Why Are Emergency Chimney Repairs Essential?

In essence, a chimney is a substantial structure, typically constructed from heavy sandstone brickwork. Should it collapse, it can pose significant damage to your property and pose serious safety hazards. This underscores the importance of timely chimney maintenance. If you observe significant dampness, sandstone decay, or signs of tilting in your chimney, prompt action is crucial. Cracks or deteriorating mortar around the chimney should not be overlooked and must be addressed without delay.

Chimney stacks across Glasgow are often overlooked and left unmaintained due to the challenges associated with accessing and repairing them. However, the potential damage caused by a neglected chimney to your roof, building structure, garden, parked vehicles, and pedestrians below cannot be overstated.

While there’s no set timeframe for chimney inspections, they should ideally coincide with routine roof maintenance checks. Whether your chimney requires minor repairs or complete reconstruction, we have the expertise to handle it.

How It Works

Our team conducts an immediate assessment of your chimney to determine the extent of repairs needed and provides you with a detailed quote. We can also utilize advanced aerial drones and thermal imaging from our sister company, Balmore Inspection Services, to perform aerial surveys of your roof. Additionally, we can address other building repair needs and either repair the chimney or, if it’s no longer in use, remove it and cover the area with slates or tiles.