Fascia and Soffits Installation, Repairs and Maintenance

Along with gutters, fascias and soffits are essential parts of a roofing system to ensure that your home stays dry from the Scottish weather.

Fascias and soffits provide extra protection to your home while adding a finishing touch to enhance the visual look of your property.

What are soffits?

Soffits are the protective coverings that are fitted at the edge of your roof and fit against the wall of your home. They protect the rafter feet and seal them. Older homes use lead detailing to achieve the same effect and soffits are most commonly used on newer build properties. Most commonly made from uPVC which is hard wearing and does not rot or decay, the modern material offers great protection from moisture exposure to help protection your roof edges where they meet the building stonework from rain.

What are fascias?

Fascias are designed to protect your roof by creating a seal to stop wind and rain from penetrating your property. They also add an aesthetic contribution to your roof while providing support to the roof tiles and guttering of your home.

Both soffits and fascias are aesthetic attributes to your home while helping to protect it from the wind and rain in Scotland.

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