Flat roofs are a popular choice for so many customers across Glasgow. They are incredibly popular design choices by architects for home extensions and bridging between two existing buildings. And while there have been many reported issues over the years with flat roofing damage including ponding and leakage, modern flat roofing installed using the latest in material science and fitting by Balmore is up there with the very best available.

But if you already have a flat roof fitted to your Glasgow home then you may keep a keen eye on it over the winter months to ensure that potential ponding and winter ice damage do not cause any water ingress.

However so many of our customers are unaware that a bigger threat to traditional flat roofing installations is not ponding, water build up or freezing. It is in fact a problem that we only get in Glasgow for a short period of time every year (and sometimes, not even every year). We are of course talking about excess heat. The damage that can be caused to a flat roof through intense sunshine and heat can be even more damaging to your roof than the winter wind, ice and snow.

The stresses that are put on a flat roof when the temperatures rise can result in a weakened roof that will fail when the heavy rain returns.

If you are aware that your roof can suffer from issues during the winter months then it is equally likely that it will suffer from damage caused by high temperatures and summer sunshine.

If you know that your properties roofing is vulnerable then it is always advised that it is inspected by a professional before the Autumn and Winter weather rolls in. It is a lot easier to replace and repair a flat roof during warmer months than wet and cold months.

There are five main types of issue that can cause flat roofing damage through excess heat and sunshine:


Water can penetrate pretty much any gap and crack no matter how small. Water penetration during the winter months is bad enough but any that seeps through during the summer can have worse effects. Expanding water can damage flat roof felt which can result in bubbles and blistering.
The first signs of blistering is the first visual signs of problems and the quicker you act, the more money on repairs you can save.

Flashing damage

The flashing around your flat roof can be the next most vulnerable possibility. Biomatter, plant life & fungal growth is accelerated during the summer months because of the increased temperatures and sunlight during the day. This can cause issues with the drainage of your flat roof. If your drainage is compromised, then the flat roof will fail. You should always keep your flat roof flashing clear of any plant growth and other obstacles.

Thermal expansion and movement

Thermal expansion is a pretty obvious one. The constant expansion and contraction of a roof materials during the warm summer days and cool nights can allow water to penetrate into your roof. Because the weather in Glasgow is not quite as hot as say Milan or Paris, a lot of inexperienced roofers will fail to take into account any significant expansion during a summer heatwave.

Ponding (Standing water)

Ponding is always a concern for causing older flat roofing damage but in the summer, with heat waves follows downpours and the heavier the downpour, the harder your flat roof drainage has to work. Standing water and ponding can be a major problem for flat roofs.

Poorly installed roofing system

Damage to a flat roof more often than not can take years to appear. It makes it easier for poor quality roofers to blame wear and tear rather than poor workmanship. But the simple fact of the matter is that an inferior installation of flat roof WILL cause problems sooner rather than later.

If you feel that your flat roof is already suffering from any of the symptoms above then it is always advised that you get the issue checked out sooner rather than later.

With over 35 years of flat roof installation, repairs and fitting experience in and around Glasgow, Balmore have grown our business through quality roofing work at a fair price.

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