Specialising in the Fitting, Repairing and Maintaining of flat roofing in Glasgow for over thirty five years.

Flat roofs require a different approach from standard roofing work, and as such, are best served by a specialist roofing contractor. We have a wealth of experience in flat roof repair, flat roof replacement and installation of flat roofs.

Flat roof construction and flat roof repair is something Balmore have carried out for many years -our professional workmen are always ready to deliver a high-quality flat roofing service.

Across the city and the surrounding Towns and Villages, we have been providing a reliable and recommended flat roof installation, repair and maintenance service for nearly four decades.

Modern Flat Roofing Construction

Flat roofing has a bad reputation for being prone to leaks, high maintenance costs and collection points after high winds. However modern flat roofing has moved past this and with the use of new construction methods and material technology.  Because of this, flat roofing is once again becoming a popular choice.

And because of modern techniques and materials, the cost of fitting a flat roof has also been reduced while peace of mind can be had thanks to improved and extended guarantees from the manufacturers of the roofing materials.  While these advancements have made flat roofs more attractive options one again, we always maintain that it is important to inspect your roof regularly.

The Problems with older Flat Roofing

With older flat roofs (and some poorly constructed new flat roofers by lesser quality roofers), the main problems that owners had to deal with were leaks, ponding and general wear and tear of the roof. Flat roofing is made up of a membrane which is applied on top of a horizontal base which itself is fixed to ceiling joists.  If left unchecked, the ponding issue can build up – quite literally – and speed up the issue. As with more weight, you get more of a bulge and with that you get more water build up, biological matter build up and the attraction of birds and therefore fouling which can lead to biohazard risks.

Considering all of this, it is little wonder that Balmore Roofing provide such a comprehensive flat roof repair service for residential and commercial properties across Glasgow. Whether it is to repair and replace existing flat roofing or to build a completely new flat roof as part of a home extension; with Balmore Roofing, you know that you have the very best in both service and quality.

Why has my flat roof begun to leak?

Older flat roofing is well known for leaking and water damage – so much so that home insurance policies general ask if you have a flat roof as part of your home insurance questionnaire. A leak in a flat roof can come from a number of possible causes:

Ponding: This is where ineffective drainage has caused a pond to develop on your flat roof. Ponding in excess of 25mm will begin to cause significant damage if it is not dealt with quickly.

Gravel: Early flat roof fittings in Glasgow were covered with a protective layer of gravel. If you have noticed a discolouration in the gravel in one particular location of your flat roof, it may be because water is filtering through the outer layers of the roof and will begin creating water damage to the inside of your home. If you notice that the gravel in part of your flat roof is a different colour, act now by calling our Glasgow head office today.

Time: Flat roofs are not built to last forever. If they are properly maintained then they will obviously last longer (which is one of the reasons we always advise that you regularly check your flat roof) but if your roof has poor drainage then it will suffer from ponding which during winter months can turn to ice and the simple increase in weight can begin to create issues. Storm damage and vegetation growth if not dealt with can all weaken the strength of your flat roof.

Should I replace my flat roof with a new version?

It is a difficult question to answer and it really depends on the quality of the workmanship of your current flat roof and what state of disrepair it is currently in.  A bit like a car being a write off, it may be that the cost to properly repair a flat roof versus the cost of fitting a new one can be too high.

If you have a flat roof and have noticed that it is beginning to fail and/or leaking then call Balmore today. We are a local, reliable, recommended and qualified roofer that specialises in roof repairs and maintenance.

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