Stonemasonry Services for Cleaning, Restoration, and Reconstruction in Glasgow

With a plethora of sandstone buildings spanning not only Glasgow but also the central belt of Scotland, the demand for professional stonemasons capable of providing expert restoration and repair services for stonework is evident.

Understanding Stonework Maintenance

Over time, stonework and masonry can deteriorate due to various factors including natural weathering, inadequate maintenance, subpar repairs, neglect, animal damage, graffiti, and vandalism. Our seasoned stonemasons possess extensive experience and expertise in addressing these issues comprehensively. Our services encompass stonework repairs and cleaning, including the meticulous removal of paint and graffiti from stonework surfaces.

Comprehensive Stonemasonry Solutions

We boast years of experience in historic restoration, addressing and preserving diverse stonework types found in churches, cathedrals, historic buildings, town halls, civic relics, and public and private properties across Glasgow and Scotland. Recognizing the historical significance of these structures, we prioritize meticulous stonework repair to uphold their heritage value.

Our Stonemasonry Services Include:

Expert Historic Stonemasonry Repairs

Our expertise extends to specialized historic restoration work, encompassing a diverse range of structures from churches and cathedrals to town halls and monuments. Our adept stonemasonry team handles all aspects of stonework repairs and maintenance with precision and care.

Delicate Stonework Cleaning Techniques

When it comes to stonemasonry cleaning, particularly of sandstone, delicacy is paramount. We employ advanced cleaning systems such as DOFF Steam Cleaning and TORC Cleaning to effectively eliminate fire staining, carbon buildup, and biological growth like algae and moss. These systems also yield exceptional results in tackling stubborn oil-based paints and graffiti.

Rope Access Stonework Repairs

Our Rope Access Team offers invaluable services for accessing and repairing stonework in challenging locations, including church spires and intricate architectural features of historic buildings. This method provides significant cost savings compared to traditional scaffolding methods and complements our comprehensive building maintenance offerings.

Exemplary Building Maintenance Services

With over 35 years of experience, we have emerged as a leading building maintenance and repair contractor across Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the Central Belt of Scotland. Our commitment to exemplary workmanship, stringent safety checks, and regular cleaning ensures the continued satisfaction of our growing client base.

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For further information about our stonemasonry services and the comprehensive restoration and repair solutions we offer, please reach out to our Glasgow head office at 0141 944 6100.