In bustling cities like Glasgow, graffiti often mars the beauty of buildings and structures.

Too frequently, walls and even residential exteriors are marred by graffiti. Recognising this issue,  we offer a graffiti removal service to assist our customers. We believe that not only should your roof be sturdy and visually appealing, but your walls and exterior surfaces should also be clean to enhance the overall appearance of your property.

Prevention is often simpler than clean up when it comes to graffiti. Our non-graffiti coating service provides peace of mind by safeguarding your property against paint vandalism. These coatings are designed to resist paint and water, serving as a wise investment in property maintenance.

However, if your surfaces have already been compromised by graffiti, our experienced graffiti removal team can restore them to their original state. Utilising high-pressure spray cleaners, we effectively remove graffiti from surfaces. At Balmore, we prioritise eco-friendliness, using biodegradable and safe chemicals for graffiti removal.