The complete restoration, maintenance and cleaning of sandstone buildings across Scotland.

As specialist building stonemasons and restoration contractors, our team are skilled craftsmen and have undertaken all manner of building restoration and maintenance for the likes of churches, cathedrals, town halls, monuments and traditional sandstone properties.

We are committed preservationists and our work ensures historical roofs and buildings flourish and are looked after for the benefit of future generations.

At Balmore, we understand the importance of conserving the unique features of historic buildings and monuments whilst still maintaining their cleanliness and integrity. That’s why we use the very best stone repair techniques and stone cleaning equipment to ensure nothing is damaged or altered.

Glasgow and Edinburgh are cities filled with history and culture. And the old historic buildings that fill these cities require constant care to ensure their ongoing health.  In order to do this, they need a historic restoration building contractor like ourselves that can deliver a skilled restoration service with a key focus on attention to detail.

We provide historic building restoration services for old buildings in and around Glasgow, Edinburgh and other Towns and Villages in the Central Belt of Scotland.  Our team of fully trained and qualified roofing and building restoration experts have over 40 years of experience working on all manner of historic building repair in the Glasgow area.

From stonework repairs on residential buildings in the West End to decorative leadwork repairs on office buildings in the City Centre, we cover all types of restoration and repairs in and around this great city.

Dealing with sandstone building repairs

With the near endless number of sandstone houses, historic churches, tenement blocks and other large scale historic buildings, we can provide stonework repairs, stonework restoration and stonework cleaning that will not disappoint.  Along with our 35 years of experience, we have been growing and investing in both our team and our equipment.  We are one of the few DOFF Steam Cleaning Specialists in Scotland and can work on the delicate cleaning of sandstone to remove graffiti, smoke staining, moss, algae and more.

What services can we offer?

We can provide historic restoration services ranging from building treating to repairing, preserving and reviving.

What kind of buildings can we work on?

Anything from Churches to Cathedrals and Town Halls with their beautiful stonework can be revived with our restoration skills.  We can work on sandstone buildings (both yellow and red sandstone) from town houses to detached properties along with the beautiful tenement flats that cover so much of the city.

We undertake all manner of restoration on old historic buildings including:

Working on the sandstone repairs of a church spire in Glasgow

We are genuine experts in historic restorations in Glasgow, taking great care, attention and meticulous detail to the workmanship of the past.

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that ‘shoddy workmen’ without the proper training in handling historic stonework and leadwork can actually make the situation worse.  Whilst you would expect us to say that, we sadly have all too often been called out to fix a botched job by other companies claiming to offer historic building restoration but really can’t.

For a site visit and to provide you with a quotation for historic building restoration services, please call us. We offer a FREE site survey and estimate so call our Glasgow Head Office on 0141 944 6100.