The constant rain, freezing, thawing and re-freezing can take its toll not just on your buildings stonework but all your properties roof.

The colder months bring shorter days, less sunlight and the frequent rain, snow and bitterly cold temperatures. But just what does the cold weather do to your roof?

Rain Water

In Scotland, the rain is a consistent site and goes into overdrive in the winter months. The constant rainfall on a roof can slowly but surely wear it down after just a few weeks if it does not have a chance to recover adequately after each downpour. You need to make sure that your homes roof can drain properly and on flat roofing surfaces, no ponding occurs. Keep gutters cleared of debris and autumn leaves and make sure that the downpipe that connects to the gutters is properly connected so that rain water can drain away properly.

Roofing Drainage

By making sure the rain water can drain from your roof quickly, it cuts the weight of water that is sitting on the roof from building up too much. And too much rainwater can more easily seep through the gaps in tiles and slates causing un slightly mould and moss build up. This can help to reduce the chances of damp build up and rot on the wooden frame of the roof. Damp and rot can be difficult to get rid of if you do not stay on top of your roofing maintenance.

Snow build up

While snow is not as common as it once was, it doesn’t drain off your roof like rain water does. It can build up and that increased weight can put a real strain on your roofing framework. Some homeowners have been known to through rocksalts onto the roof as a way of speeding up the melting process but the salt can actually damage the roof and increase the chemical reaction of rusting in the nails (known as nail rot). If you are concerned about the build up of weight of snow on your roof, call us today for an emergency roofing call out service.

High Winds

High winds can loosen and move roof tiles easily and this can cause a chain reaction of damage to your roof. The best way to prevent this from happening is regular roofing maintenance. Having your roof inspected in the Autumn before the really bad weather comes in can save you hundreds of pounds in damage and repair bills.

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There is no such thing as a perfect roof. The weather that we endure in Scotland means that mother nature is always trying to wear down your roof either through rust of the nails, heavy rain seeping through gaps of autumn leaves clogging the gutters. Regular maintenance and inspection of a roof is the best way to protect it from the Winter weather. But if you have suffered from roofing damage caused by storms and winter weather then contact us today.

We have been providing emergency roof repairs across Glasgow for over thirty five years.  We employee a full team of qualified and certified roofers, all of whom have a wealth of experience in all types of roofing that form the unique skyline across Glasgow.  From the slate roofs of older sandstone homes in the West End to the modern new build homes and their tiled roofing.  We can fix it all.  If you have suffered from storm damage and you need a reliable roofer then call us today on 0141 9446100.

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