We are always advising our customers to have their homes gutters cleaned. Ideally twice a year. Leaves, dust, nests, moss and other obstructions can build up in a gutter and can cause blockages in your down pipes.

But what happens when you don’t have your gutters cleaned? A gutter is designed to direct the rain water that collects on a homes roof down towards the drains in the ground. Most of the time, this rain is not powerful enough to move the debris that accumulates in your gutter and simply flows around it. But when it rains heavily, it creates enough force to move a lot of this built up debris. And all of that debris that builds up only has one place to go. Into the down pipe. But it can very very easily get blocked. And then you have the situation where all the water collected on the roof is flowing into a gutter that is blocked.

The blocked gutter fills with water and then the problems really begin. Depending on the age of the gutter, the increased weight could literally cause the gutter to break off. If it did not break off then the rain water will begin overflowing and then running down the outside walls of your home. If you live in a sandstone building with pointing that needs attention, this rain water can easily find its way inside your home. It can begin to saturate the sandstone and cause it to decay. So often, when we are called because of a leaking roof, the actual cause is a blocked gutter.

So while you may think that cleaning your gutters is a waste of time, the potential savings you can make from other knock on damage caused by a blocked drain are considerable. When it rains hard in Scotland, it really rains hard and having a roof that is well maintained and gutters that are cleared and free flowing is the best way to ensure that you avoid a leak and water damage to your interior property.

At Balmore, we undertake robust and lasting roof repairs for all types and materials of roofs.  Our mission is always to offer you the best quality service and the best in value and honest roofing work. Due to the range of different roofing structures and stonework used on buildings in and around the city, experience truly matters when you are looking for professional repair work. From simple roofing repairs like nail rot and loose tiles and slates, to more advanced work involving dangerous cracks and holes that may be health and safety hazards to your property; we cover it all.

With the amount of greenery across the city, regular gutter cleaning should be carried out each and every year to ensure that they do not get blocked up and down pipes and external drains do not get obstructed with vegetation, dirt and rubbish.

At Balmore, we carry out one off and regular contracted gutter cleaning services for residential and industrial customers across the Central Belt of Scotland and the surrounding areas as part of our quality roofing repairs and maintenance packages.

To find out more, please call our Glasgow head office today on 0141 944 6100. If you live in Edinburgh, you can call our Edinburgh office on 0131 314 2896.