It is easy to assume that the winter weather is what can cause the most damage to your roof but a lack of maintenance and a streak of bad luck are all it takes to cause a variety of issues that can lead to a leaking roof.

Much of the effects of the summer sun on your roof will go unnoticed but after a period of beautiful weather in Scotland, all it takes is an overnight summer downpour and new leaks can appear. But how does this happen?

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock is effectively where the temperature rises high during the day but crashes down at night. This extreme temperature change can cause the material on your roof to expand and contract quicker that it normally would which can effect its structural integrity and (on some materials) lead to warping.

Bio Growth

An unmaintained roof will often have a variety of moss, grass, weeds and other bio growth that would otherwise have been cleared away. It is one of the reasons why we always advise you have your gutters cleaned regularly, to clear out this bio growth. This bio growth can help to trap moisture between tiles or under support structures in the roof. It can help speed us the rusting of nails that hold slates in place. All of this can weaken and damage your roof.

UV Exposure

While the leafy West End and Soutside of Glasgow (as an example) are exceptions, many roofing areas on homes in Scotland are unshaded meaning there is no level of protection for your roof from the unfiltered UV rays from the sun. Over the lifespan of a roof, these UV rays can dry out your roof and cause the materials to shrink, weaken and even crack. Tiles on your roof can begin to buckle or split in half and on slate tiles that are held on with constantly weakening nails through rust, this can help them to work free and slide off the roof.


The older a roof is, the more UV exposure, bio growth, thermal shock and winter storms it has had to endure. It means that a hot day can cause just as much damage as a cold one which is why, despite the assumption that Winter is the worst time of year for a roof, it has to suffer through so much year round and the leak that you discover in December could very easily have been caused by thermal shock way back in a heat wave during August.

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