The life expectancy of a flat commercial roof

The life expectancy of a flat commercial roof does of course depend on its yearly roofing maintenance which means that the life expectancy of a commercial flat roof can be anywhere from 15-40 years.

There are so many variables to consider from the location of the commercial premises to the environment it has to endure. A commercial building at a Port by the sea (for example) has to endure salt corrosion and strong winds coming in from the ocean. A commercial building in an industrial estate may have to endure vegetation build up from overhanging trees and heavy rain. But even then, a commercial roof in an ideal location with minimal rain and wind may still not hit 404 years purely because of storm damage caused by one of the increasing number of storms that hit Scotland every year.

What can affect the life expectancy of a commercial flat roof

Weather Conditions.

From frequent heavy rain to intense UV rays from the sun, the environment that a commercial roof survives in has a huge effect on its life expectancy. UV rays during intense periods of summer heatwave can cause thermal shocks and the expansion and contraction of the roofing material (mostly with Felt Roofing) which can cause the material to deteriorate rapidly.

Lack of Maintenance

As a specialist access commercial roofing contractor, we always advise commercial businesses to maintain their roofing with yearly inspections and drone inspections after heavy storms. Poor roofing maintenance can lead to major issues and a shorter life span of your roof.


If your commercial premises are poorly ventilated, the heat and moisture build up can lead to rot and mould which will damage the roofing materials and structure.

Commercial Flat Roofing Material Options

There are two commonly used roofing materials for commercial flat roofs. Felt and Single Ply.

Single Ply Flat Roofing System

A Single Ply Flat Roofing System is widely used in commercial premises in Scotland. Available in multiple colours (though black, white and grey are the three most popular colour options), Single Ply Flat Roofing is available in thermoset and thermoplastic variations. They are the ideal choice for commercial roofing as they have minimal seams. Thermoplastic Single Ply Roofing Systems made from the likes of PVC and TPO are often used on smaller roofing systems and as a reinforcement layer to provide additional strength to the roof.

Felt Flat Roofing System

Modern felt roofing is installed by torch application. Modern felt is a 3-layer membrane system – ideal for waterproofing protection. What works against felt is that it is prone to splitting, cracking and UV damage.

Commercial Roofer

Roofing leaks and damage can produce mass disruption to a business and their day to day running. We work diligently to ensure that businesses do not suffer from potential disruption due to roof leaks and damage.

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