Advise on how to prepare and maintain your home for storms, storm damage and bad weather.

When you become a homeowner in Glasgow, there is both the excitement of home ownership and the near constant worry of building maintenance and roofing work that needs to be managed.

We are Balmore Specialist Contracts and we are a leading roofing and building maintenance service provider in Glasgow. Over the years, we have built our reputation as a Roofer that can be trusted. We have built this reputation through repeat business from existing customers who have been more than happy with the service that we provide. But these repeat customers were all once new customers and so many of them called our Glasgow office because of roofing storm damage and because they needed an emergency roofer.

The winter weather in Glasgow can get quite bad and every year we deal with so many roof repairs for customers who have suffered from storm damage but what exactly should you do when your roof suffers from storm damage?

There are a few key steps that you should take when the roof of your home has been hit by storms, severe rainfall and wind storms.

1 – Assess the damage to your roof.

Before you can call anyone, you fist need to identify what the problem is and how badly your roof has been hit. Whether you call your insurance company or a Glasgow roofer is entirely up to you and depends on your circumstances. When you call Balmore Roofing about storm damage, we will send one of our roofers to your Glasgow address during daylight hours to assess the roof and its condition. From this, we can spot specific details on the roof that have been damaged, note the severity of the damage and look for less obvious vulnerabilities that less experienced roofers may overlook.

All of our findings are photographed so that we can visually show you the issues.

2 – Temporary Repairs

Storm damage generally only happens in the winter months in Glasgow and that means that it will be frequently wet and windy with limited day light hours to work in. This means that, subject to how much damage your home has, we may have to provide temporary short term roof repairs to your home. These short terms measures allow us more time to fix the roofing damage properly.

3 – Insurance

Insurance companies never like to have to pay out for storm damage and the first thing they will do it check to see if the weather on the day in question was classified as a ‘storm’. If they do not feel that the weather was bad enough to have caused the damage, they will suggest that poor upkeep and neglect of your roof has caused this issue. We can advise you on this.

4 – Lightning Protection

With over 300,000 lightning strikes that hit the ground across the UK every year, it is imperative to protect your building from the risk of structural damage caused by lightning strikes with lightning protection systems. Lightning protection systems are used to prevent a lightning strike from damaging a building, its stonework and its internal electrical equipment. As a leading Roofing, Building Maintenance and Rope Access Specialist, we can fit lighting protection systems to a building with great ease – regardless of the difficult access nature of the building structure.

Lightning Protection Systems must be professionally tested once a year (at least) to ensure that they are capable of handling a lighting strike and safely transferring the electrical current to a safe earthing point. Lightning Protection Testing is required for compliance with the Electricity at Work Act 1989, BS6651 and BS EN 62305. Balmore Specialist Contracts are trusted to supply and maintain lightning conductor systems in building across Glasgow, Edinburgh and further afield.  This ensures the safety of the public, staff and buildings in full compliance with BS:EN 62305 standards, and that meets the criteria required for insurance purposes.

Your homes roof is the first line of defence against the wind and rain that hit Glasgow on what seems like a daily basis. Keeping it in good shape is all part and parcel of home ownership. Having a regular, yearly maintenance program for your roof can keep it stronger ad cut down on expensive repair bills when the storms do hit.