Winter is coming and it is time to prepare your commercial roof for the darker, colder and wetter months ahead.

If you are a commercial property owner or facility manager then you will understand the importance of proper roofing maintenance. Small scheduled steps every year are far easier and more cost effective than emergency roofing call outs and the worry of hindering day to day business operations.

Scheduled preparation of a commercial roofing structure now can help to prevent leaks and repairs to the roof when the temperature starts to drop and the heavy rain begins to fall. So what can be done to prepare a commercial roof for the winter?

Visual Inspection

Knowing what needs to be done is the first step and the easiest way of completing this task is with a visual inspection. In previous years, this would have required an inspection team with access platform and high access ladders or a rope access team. No, this can be completed with a simple drone roof inspection. Using 4K video capturing and thermal imaging, we can conduct a roof inspection where you can see for yourselves the issues (should there be any) that need to be addressed.

Gutter Cleaning

As the autumn leaves keep falling, the leaves mix up with any accumulated debris that was already in the gutters and can help to block down pipes and cause damage to your roof.


It is always the hope that a commercial roof is in good condition but if you have not been keeping up periodic planned maintenance, there is the risk that there will be issues that do need addressed. A visual inspection will spot these, repairs will sort them out.


It may seem strange to talk about cleaning a roof but depending on the roofing angle and the amount of vegetation in the area, cleaning your roof using softwashing may be of benefit t o clear debris, remove moss and algae build up and leave your commercial property looking aesthetically more professional.

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