As premier Rope Access specialists based in Glasgow, Balmore has been delivering solutions for challenging access needs in business and industry throughout Scotland for over 40 years.

Originating from climbing and cave exploration, many techniques in the difficult access sector have seamlessly transitioned into industrial rope access. This method allows workers to undertake complex tasks while suspended in the air, securely attached to buildings using rope work.

Rope Access offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods like scaffolding, which can be both expensive and restrictive in terms of access and positioning. Our IRATA-certified Rope Access team is equipped to provide a wide range of services, including repairs, maintenance, and cleaning, even when traditional heights cannot be reached using scaffolding, cherry pickers, cranes, or ladders.

Safety is paramount at Balmore, and our team utilises backup fall arrest systems to ensure the well-being of our personnel during operations. We conduct thorough inspections of our rope access equipment before and after each job to safeguard against any potential damage incurred during use or transportation to job sites.

From cleaning to inspection, surveying, maintenance, and repair, rope access enables us to offer enhanced services in challenging-to-reach locations. Our IRATA Rope Access Team has tackled projects at iconic sites like Edinburgh Castle, church spires, bridges, monuments, and other complex historic buildings across Scotland.

For more information about Balmore and our Rope Access Services, contact our Glasgow Head Office at 0141 944 6100.