To many, the lead detailing, flashing and fittings of your roof are one of the few things on your roof that doesn’t need maintained. However the lead work on your roof is just as important as the roof itself and needs to be monitored and maintained in the exact same way as the rest of your roof. If, for example you have ever noticed staining on your internal ceilings but can’t see any obvious signs of loose roof tiles, it is more than likely that the cause of the issue is down to the lead flashing and potential issues with it.

With over thirty five years of roofing in Glasgow, Balmore Specialist Contracts have become one of the best roofers in Glasgow, covering it all from new roof fittings and installations to the maintenance and repair of all areas of roofings, both for commercial and residential customers alike.

From ensuring that the lead work is installed correctly, dressed and pointed, to repairing any step flashing, cover flashing and decorative lead bays; at Balmore you will find one of the most experienced and professional roofers in Glasgow when it comes to lead work.

If you would like to know more about our lead roof repair and maintenance services or any other area of our roofing services in and around Glasgow, please contact us today to discuss your maintenance repair issues and to get a quotation for any roofing work. Call 0141 944 6100 today.