Skilled workmanship on lead flashing around chimneys and decorative roofing work.

With over 35 years of experience in all manner of roof repairs and maintenance, we have built up a strong reputation for our lead work services in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.  This skilled area of roofing is just as important as any other area of roofing yet gets overlooked all too often.

If you have a damp build up in your home, it make be through a vulnerable lead section around your Chimney, Dormer or a roof joining section.

High quality lead work is an important part of roofing whether it be for historic buildings with old slate roofing tiles or modern roofing.  Lead is and always has been a popular material to be used on areas of roofing due to its tough yet flexible nature.

A successful lead working on a roof can help to provide a long lasting and damp free roofing home.

Lead is not just used for its practical purposes.  It is widely used as decorative features on building across Glasgow.  Done in the right manner, lead work can become a very attractive and durable addition to your hoe and can be formed in many complex shapes that can provide your home with a long lasting weather proof barrier.

Areas where our lead work experts can use lead in Glasgow homes:

With our specialist team of lead work roof repair and maintenance members, we can handle all manner of lead work across Glasgow.

If you would like to know more about our lead work in Glasgow, please call our head office on 0141 944 6100 or email