Liquid plastic roofing presents an optimal, cost-effective solution for low slope and flat roofing structures, creating a seamless membrane that offers robust waterproofing capabilities.

Renowned for its durability and water resistance, liquid plastic roofing provides an excellent safeguard against the elements, particularly the notorious Scottish rain. What’s more, its application process doesn’t require heat, ensuring ease of installation even in challenging access points.

Due to its liquid nature, this roofing solution is highly adaptable and can be effortlessly applied to intricate roofing features such as historic building points and skylights. Its unique properties enable it to accommodate thermal and structural movements, making it particularly advantageous for heritage sandstone buildings in Glasgow.

Key Advantages of Liquid Plastic Roofing

  1. Compatibility with Existing Roofing: Liquid plastic roofing can be applied over various substrates including asphalt, felt, bitumen, and concrete, providing a seamless finish that effectively prevents water penetration into your property.
  2. Flexibility: It expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations, ensuring structural integrity and longevity.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Liquid plastic roofing offers one of the most budget-friendly methods of protecting your property from rain damage. Costs depend on factors such as the number of application coats required and the size/complexity of the roof.
  4. Versatility: Whether your property features a flat roof, low-angle, pitched, or domed roofing, liquid plastic roofing proves to be an ideal solution.

Coatings can endure for up to 25 years, depending on the type and application surface, offering long-term peace of mind and protection.

Rope Access Liquid Plastic Roofing

At Balmore, we specialize in providing rope access solutions for even the most challenging roofing structures, including skylights. Equipped with an in-house rope access team, we ensure safe and efficient access to difficult-to-reach areas using state-of-the-art climbing equipment. This method is particularly suited for applying liquid plastic roof coatings on historic buildings and other complex structures.

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