If you have noticed that loose slate tiles on your roof have slide off and are now stuck in the gutter OR have managed to dangerously fall to the ground then you most likely have ‘Nail Sickness’

Nail Sickness is one of the most common issues for roofing. The iron nails that are used to secure your homes roof slates to the sarking begin to corrode before the rust becomes too much to hold the slates in place. A high wind, storm or similar can be enough to then help loosen the slate and allow it to run off the roof.

If you have noticed that you have been loosing slates from your roof then you will most likely have nail sickness. If you have only noticed 1 or 2 slates a year then this can be maintained with a quality Glasgow Roofer maintenance service. If however you have noticed a significant number of loose slates then your nail sickness may have reached a critical stage and more significant roofing work may need to be carried out. It may be that the number of slates that have been affected by nail sickness means that it is better to strip back and re-slate the entire roofing area. This can be expensive because it will generally require scaffolding however with the variation of houses, styles and access across Glasgow and Edinburgh, we can only advise and quote on a roof by roof basis.

A single missing slate on your roof will only let in a small amount of water (though heavy wind and storms can dramatically increase this). But if the slate is not refitted then the small amount of water that leaks in will begin to damage the sarking. The sarking is the wooden boards beneath your slate roof. When the sarking becomes rotten/damp then it can loose its grip on the nails holding the slates in place. This will lead to further loss of slates on your homes roof.

A poor quality roofer can make this issue worse. Scottish Slate is no longer mined (and has not been since the 1950’s) which means if your homes roof is made of Scottish Slate, it will be at least 70 years old. A poor roofer can easily crack and damage roofing slates purely because of a lack of experience with dealing in slate tile .

With over 35 years of experience as a Glasgow Roofer with a proven track record; Balmore have become one of the leading roofers in Glasgow covering all forms of slate roof repairs and refitting. As experts in lead work and building maintenance, we can repair, fix, maintain and re-fit roofing for period Victorian Homes, modern apartments, bungalows and anything in between.

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