For homeowners throughout Glasgow, maintaining their properties is an ongoing priority, especially concerning the stonework, roofing, gutters and chimneys.

Scotland’s diverse weather underscores the importance of regular maintenance to ensure homes remain secure, structurally sound, leak-proof, and thermally efficient.

Balmore Specialist Contracts has been serving customers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and across central Scotland for over 40 years, providing high-quality roofing and building maintenance services.

As one of Scotland’s leading difficult access roofing and building maintenance contractors, we offer cost-effective solutions without the need for scaffolding, making us ideal for historic buildings like churches, townhalls and other sandstone structures. Our services encompass slate repairs, lead work, and flat roofing, earning us a reputation as dependable Glasgow roofers who deliver quality at competitive prices. Our returning customers rely on us to get the job done right.

Additionally, our expertise extends to building maintenance in Glasgow. From stonework repairs to graffiti removal, we handle a wide range of tasks related to property upkeep. Glasgow’s diverse architectural landscape, spanning from century-old sandstone buildings in the West End to modern brick townhouses in the outskirts, requires a wealth of experience and understanding. With nearly four decades in the industry, we possess the requisite knowledge to tackle various property types. Moreover, our continuous investment in team training and cutting-edge equipment, such as DOFF Steam Cleaning and Dry Ice Blasting, ensures efficient and effective maintenance solutions.

At Balmore, whether it’s roofing or building maintenance, we provide all-encompassing solutions under one roof. Our business has thrived through recommendations, referrals, and a commitment to quality work across the central belt of Scotland. If you’re seeking a reliable property maintenance company for roofing and building repairs, contact Balmore. Reach out to our Glasgow Head Office at 0141 944 6100 or