Solar panels are becoming more and more popular.

But when it comes to replacing your existing roof with a new one, there will be more steps to consider if you already have solar panels fitted.

Do you have to remove the solar panels to replace the roof

Yes is the short answer. If you need a new roof then the solar panels will have to be temporarily removed. This means that for the period of time that they are down, you will not have access to the renewable energy that they would otherwise be generating. Your home will be running entirely from the national grid.

Unfortunately it is not as simple as unplugging and taking them down. Roofers like ourselves do not have the training or skill to handle a solar panel removal job. You will have to arrange with the installer to take them down before we can get started replacing your roof. As a final point, it may take your solar panel installer a day to take them all down and put them back up again but there is no guarantee that this will seamlessly flow with our work schedule meaning you may be without your solar panels for longer than you would like – adding to your monthly energy bills.

New roof – different material

We have dealt with this situation already where the customer decided to move away from slate and have a tiled roof fitted. They felt that because the roof was being covered by solar panels, the visual look of slate did not matter as much. However, the different roofing material meant they needed new solar mounting brackets and that added to the cost of the job.

Replace your roof before you have solar panels fitted

The easiest option to make sure you don’t have to deal with the issues above is to have a new roof fitted before you have solar panels installed. We appreciate that money does not grow on tress and for many, this is simply not possible but if your roof is closer to the end of its life than the beginning and is already requiring yearly call outs to deal with nail rot then having your roof replaced before having solar panels fitted will be cheaper in the long run.

Re-roofing your property can be an invaluable and financially savvy step in protecting your home from storm and water damage.

It will also offer you a stronger piece of mind when the winter wind and rain that Glasgow is so famous for starts to hit in Autumn.

When it comes to re-roofing your home, there are many material options ranging from slate tiles to ceramic that need to be considered. We understand that it can be difficult to process which type of roofing product is best and what each costs relative to your budget.  It is why we always look to talk to our customers about what it right for them and go through the roofing options avaiable whilst advising you on what we feel, as professional Glasgow Roofers, is the best option for you.  After all, it is your roof and you should be the one that decides on the best option.

Always remember that re-roofing your home is an investment in your home and in the long run can work out far cheaper than the constant maintenance that you would need to splash out on every winter.

If your properties roof is suffering from constant nail sickness, frequent leaks and poor heat insulation then the cost of this relatively simple re-roofing one off repair versus the frequent roofer call out for small repairs  can genuinely save you considerable money whilst rectifying the core problem – something that the frequent maintenance will not do.

Moving to green energy solutions like solar panels is both commendable and smart as we all try to do our bit and move to green renewable energy solutions. But as one of the leading roofing contractors im the central belt of Scotland, it is our duty to advise our customers on the pros and cons of installing solar panels when it comes to your roofing condition.

If you would like to know more about Balmore Roofing and the various roofing and building maintenance services that we provide, please call our Glasgow head office today.

We can arrange call outs to your property to discuss your re-roofing options and to provide bespoke quotations for your needs.