On industrial and commercial facilities, the need for external exhausts, flues, vents and piping is commonplace.

Yet so often, these heater pipes and extraction vents are fitted by heating engineers, HVAC engineers etc who are not experienced roofers. And this lack of skills when it comes to fitting piping and venting systems to an established industrial facilities roof can often result in water ingress occurring. Especially is the seals around installed piping and flue systems fails because of harsh Scottish winter weather.

At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we are a qualified roofer working for industrial and commercial business across some of the largest industrial facilities in Scotland. We can work alongside your heating and ventilation contractors to ensure that all the piping and exhaust systems are fitted properly or we can provide a ‘health check’ at a later date to ensure that the fitting contractor has done the job properly.

A leaking roof in a production facility is not just an inconvenience. It can damage stock, halt production and create serious financial and operational downtime. Which is why it is always better to be safe than sorry.

As a roofing and business maintenance specialist, we can provide a complete service including new flashings, guttering and GRP cladding to protect your roof from water penetration.

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