Ignoring damage to a roof can be harmful to your building structure and the people inside the building.

So look for the early warning signs and don’t delay on acting to fix problems with your roof while they are small and easy to manage. Otherwise, they will soon become big problems that cost a lot more.

What to look out for?

The age of your roof

While the slate tiles of a roof will last for decades, the nails that hold them together will not. Nail rot is a common site in roofing. One or two loose slates a year is something that can be easily managed but 5 or more a year is the tell tale sign that your properties roofing is going to need replacing sooner rather than later. The felt that acts as the second layer of your roof can also deteriorate over time.

Water staining

You know you have a problem if you can see water staining inside your property and while this may be caused by storm damage, if it become a repeat problem, there are obvious vulnerability spots within your roofing structure.


If you can see the that roof is uneven and sagging at points, this can be a sign that the roof is beginning to come to the end of its life. Sagging can cause gaps in the slates to open up, creating an ideal location for rainwater to penetrate.

Slate becomes brittle

The older the slate, the more likely it will be to crumble away. If you can see the tell tale signs of your roofing slate beginning to crumble, act now before more of the roof begins to fail.

You have been spending too much money on repairs

It can be difficult to accept but if you are having to spend hundreds of pounds a year on repairs, it will not be too long before you have spent more on repairs than on a new roof. If you have been spending lots of money on your roof repairs with little hope that this will truly have fixed the issue then now is the time to get a new roof.

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