Rope Access Cladding Installation, Repairs & Maintenance is a complex service that requires a qualified building maintenance team to work at height.

At Balmore, Specialists, our Rope Access Cladding team provide a professional abseil (rope access) cladding installation and repair service across Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Central Belt of Scotland.

With coming up to four decades of building maintenance and repair services and experience, we have worked on large scale projects on both old and new building structures that require skilled and qualified work carried out. Thousands of hours of rope access experience has been built up on conducting building inspection, repair and fitting of cladding systems and similar building ‘envelope’ projects with no need for scaffolding or other powered access solutions.

The benefits of Rope Access Teams for Cladding

The difficult and complicated nature of cladding repair and fitting means that rope access has become a popular choice for this type of building maintenance (effectively abseiling on buildings). Significantly cheaper than scaffolding with a faster operational time yet offering superior results; our rope access cladding work provides flexible, quick and safe ‘at height’ building repair solutions that have become a signature service under the Balmore name.

Cladding Repairs

Whether the building in question is old or new, the variable Scottish weather can cause leaking issues and storm damage regardless of the buildings age. Our rope access team can conduct initial inspections of cladding to locate any visible signs of water penetration and then carry out the cladding repairs with relative ease. Our teams can act quickly and cover a huge building surface area in a relatively short time frame. In comparison to scaffolding which can take days to simple erect.

Emergency Cladding Inspection

Sometimes, time is a luxury we do not have. If your building has developed a leak then it can be a race to source the problem and fix it before the problem becomes worse and costs you more in property damage. With our head office in Glasgow, we offer our services across the central belt of Scotland and can respond quickly to emergency cladding repair call outs.

Cladding Replacement

There are times when the repair of existing cladding is simply not possible and it must be replaced. Our rope access team, combined with powered lifting equipment can remove and replace damaged cladding sections with relative ease.

The benefits of rope access over traditional access solutions for cladding work

Rope Access has become a popular choice for building maintenance work where time, costs and results are all important factors. And when scaffolding access solutions are not possible, rope access becomes the prime alternative. In the narrow streets of Glasgow (for example), scaffolding set ups may require traffic diversions and significant set up costs whereas a rope access team can happily work at height with minimal disruption to traffic movement below.

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If you would like to know more about our rope access cladding services, please contact our Glasgow head office today by calling 0141 944 6100