At Balmore, we are specialist rope access service providers.

But there is a lot more to rope access than just a rope and the skills to do the job. We have put together a list of some of the more common pieces of equipment required for rope access work.

Safety Harnesses

As the name suggests, safety harnesses are vital for our Rope Access team to safely be harnessed in top complete their jobs. Rope Access harnesses are designed to provide comfort and protection and come with multiple attachment points and quick release buckles.

Climbing Accessories

With the huge selection of rope access services that we offer, they require a full compliment of accessories. Belays, quickdraws, slings, mats and brushes…the list goes on. If we are using rope access to complete external building painting we will need specific accessories that allow us to safely complete the job. Likewise, completing cladding repairs require a different set of accessories to complete the job.

Fall Protection

Any work at height can be dangerous so it is important that our rope access team are well protected. Fall protection is the general term for all methods of protection for our team in the event of a fall. They can include:

Fall Arrests which are designed to protect someone during a fall and allow workers to conduct either a self rescue of be more easily rescued in the event of a fall.

A Fall Restraint system uses a body holding device connected to an anchor that prevents a worker from reaching a point where they can fall. We use fall restraints when working in the hazardous environments of roof maintenance, building maintenance, bridge inspection etc.

Head Protection

Rope Access helmets are lightweight and durable with ventilation holes to allow suitable airflow through the helmet to ensure our rope access team are comfortable while completing work at height. Depending on the work we are doing (and the environment in which it is carried out, we may need to use different protective helmets). Rope access helmets are designed with shock absorption through designed deformation of the outer shell to protect the wearer.


The gloves our rope access team wear are not your standard winter warming gloves. Rope access gloves are incredibly important for maintaining a sturdy grip while using the ropes. They protect the wearer from rope burns or sores and are designed not just to protect the wearer but also allow them to complete their job properly. They are reinforced with added protection and are secured around the wrist to prevent any slipping from occurring.

Ropes & Cords

There are two types of rope used in rope access work. Low Stretch and Dynamic. Low stretch ropes do not stretch very much (with a maximum 5% stretch in accordance with EN1891 standards). Dynamic ropes are designed to stretch and absorb shock loads. In general, low stretch ropes are used when lowering our team down and dynamic ropes are used when abseiling up.