Heritage and Conservation Rope Access across Scotland and the North of England.

We are Balmore, a Glasgow based Rope Access Team that provides a delicate, non damaging, safe, cost effective and time effective access solutions for historic buildings, heritage sites and conservation areas.

We can guarantee that whether you request stonework repairs, stonework restoration or stonework cleaning, you will not be disappointed.

Over time, stonework and masonry can become damaged, decayed and weathered. Generally, Mother Nature is to blame but other causes can include; poor maintenance, bad repairs, neglect, bird/animal damage, graffiti and vandalism. Our experienced roofers and restoration craftsman have seen it all and know stone repairs better than most. Our service includes stonework repairs and cleaning, such as removing paint from stonework or other types of graffiti.

At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we have years of experience in historic restoration treating, repairing and preserving all types of stonework in churches, cathedrals, historic buildings, town halls, civic relics and public and private property across Glasgow and Scotland. We understand the importance of careful stonework repair to our customers as many of these structures and monuments are of historical value and are more than just historic buildings.