Our Rope Access Contract team offers building maintenance, roofing, and other difficult access services for clients throughout Scotland. We provide essential building maintenance and repair services, including masonry repairs, brickwork, and roofing, using rope access techniques.

What is a Rope Access Steeplejack? Steeplejacks utilize ladders and specialized rope access equipment to work on structures such as Church Spires, Industrial Buildings, Cooling Towers, and other historically or industrially significant buildings that are challenging to access.

Our services encompass repair work, lightning protection, roofing, as well as stonework and building maintenance, all facilitated through rope access methods.

Steeplejack Services include:

Benefits of Steeplejack Services with our Rope Access Team: Our highly skilled workers are trained in rope and ladder access techniques, eliminating the need for scaffolding and resulting in significant cost savings for maintenance contracts. We specialize in working on various structural types, providing a cost-effective solution to reach challenging high-up locations. Our Rope Access Team ensures safe operations at height and enables maneuvering to access extensive areas of building structures without relying on scaffolding.

About Balmore Specialist Contracts: Since 1984, we have established ourselves as one of Scotland’s leading steeplejack contractors. As part of our multi-service construction business, we undertake industrial, commercial, and residential contracts across the country. From historic church steeples to power station chimneys, we handle all aspects of roofing, building maintenance, and inspection work.

Located in Glasgow, our head office caters to both one-off and scheduled contract work.

For further information, please contact our head office at 0141 944 6100 or email sales@balmore-ltd.co.uk.