Over 40 years of sandstone restoration and cleaning services across Edinburgh

With such a rich architectural heritage, Edinburgh features building of all shapes, sizes and era. From original sandstone Victorian buildings to modern office blocks. The capital has them all.

Yet whether the building is constructed from delicate sandstone, granite or modern brick, there is still a requirement for stone restoration work to be carried out from time to time.

At Balmore, we provide a full in-house building maintenance service with specialities lying in stone restoration work. We have worked on some truly large scale historic building restoration work and cover all of Edinburgh and the surrounding Towns and Villages.

Stone Restoration Services

There is no limit to our stonework restoration services. And with our Rope Access team, there is no area of a historic building or new build that we cannot access. Across the historic sandstone and modern brick buildings of Edinburgh, we can offer:

Sandstone Cleaning Services

Sandstone is an incredibly porous type of stone which allows it to better absorb water and become vulnerable to staining from the likes of carbon soot & air pollution. At Balmore, we can use DOFF Super Heated Steam Cleaning & TORC Blasting to delicately clean and remove staining, paintwork and more from sandstone. We can offer the following stonework cleaning services for our customers in Edinburgh:

What can cause damage to stonework on buildings?

It may seem like an obvious statement but it rains in Edinburgh a lot. This constant wet weather can cause sandstone to become saturated with water. When a building is not properly maintained, a simply issue like a blocked gutter can cause water to overflow onto sandstone wall. This increase the amount of water penetration and that in turn can create an inviting habitat for algae and moss to build up. The saturation of stone can also allow it to become weaker. Constant weathering, staining from traffic pollution and even the constant vibration of heavy traffic can, over time cause these magnificent architectural buildings across Edinburgh to fall into a state where they need professional stone restoration work carried out.

With nearly four decades of experience of stone restoration across the central belt of Scotland and a firm understanding of the history of stonework in Glasgow and Edinburgh, we are more than experienced enough to work on the repair of historic buildings across the country.

Our team, equipped with Rope Access equipment can work on difficult access locations and we can provide a class leading service for our customers in all matters of stone restoration.

If you would like to know more about our stone restoration work, request examples of historic building sandstone repair work we have done and of course discuss your individual needs, please contact our head office on 0131 314 2896