The summer heat wave is generally greeted with open arms in Glasgow, especially after so many months of wind, rain, ice and sleet.

But in a city so used to an average yearly temperature of around 9 degrees, a summer heat wave can cause problems for roofing.

The expansion and contraction of lead guttering and flashing around the likes of chimneys and roofing joins can cause the metal to crack. These crack can worsen with each passing day and when the summer rain does hit Glasgow, you can quickly find yourself with a problem.

Likewise, the dry weather gives birds the perfect opportunity to build nests in your roofing gutter system. A blocked gutter can quickly overflow and find any small gap in the buildings stonework. If your properties pointing has not been well maintained then it can create the perfect entrance way for rain water to penetrate your home.

But it doesn’t have to be old stonework pointing that has not been maintained. The dry, hot weather can cause pointing to simply crumble away.

While the winter wind, rain and snow is when we are at our busiest as a Glasgow Roofer, the summer months can through up a lot of surprises. A heavy summer downpour immediately after an extended dry/hot spell will always create a busy period for us as so many Glasgow Roofs have developed unseen issues caused by the heat.

Another issue to look out for is roofing slates working themselves loose. The hot weather can cause nails that hold down roofing slates to finally fail. While slates working loose is to be expected and is generally taken care of as part of the general maintenance cycle of roofing, while you can expect nail rot to loose you a select number of tiles, hot weather can help accelerate this process. And a missing slate can instantly create an entry point for rain water.

Tell Tale signs that you have an issue with your roof

If, after an extended period of hot and dry weather in Glasgow, the rain has suddenly created damp patches in your living room ceiling, this is an immediate sign that you have a roofing leak. Most homes do not have water pipes running across upper floors of a home so when you noticed a damp patch in the ceiling, it if is raining then 9 times out of 10 it will be a new leak in the roof.

If you have noticed water damage in your home during a rain period, call in the professionals. With nearly four decades of roofing experience in Glasgow, Balmore have become one of the leading Glasgow Roofers.

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