Easily adaptable, eco-friendly and resistant to the suns damaging UV rays, there are many benefits to using single-ply membranes for your commercial roofing.

Single-ply is as the name suggests a single, waterproof layered roofing system. There are two main types off single-ply system. Rubber membranes and thermoplastic membranes. Because they are affected by large temperature changes and environmental factors, EDPM rubber membranes are less used in the UK than PVC roofing membranes. Thermoplastic PVC roofing membranes are reinforced with a layer called Scrim to strengthen the membrane and make them more stable.

Energy Efficient

Single-ply roofing systems are energy efficient and can absorb less heat than a standard roof. Vital for the temperature control of the building structure.

Chemical Resistant

In commercial food production facilities, the grease and oils in the air can actually deteriorate roofing materials but single-ply membrane roofing holds up very well to chemical conditions.

Puncture Resistant

Because of the reinforced scrim, single-ply membranes are more resistant and durable to damage that could puncture other flat roofing systems. The likes of tree branches falling can puncture other roofing systems but single-ply membranes are more durable to this.

Easy to install

Single-ply membranes are easy to install for a professional commercial roofing contractor like ourselves. This means that we can complete a job more easily and more quickly and those time and cost savings can be directly passed on to you.

While there are roofing firms that have been operating longer than us, few have invested in themselves as much as we have. We constantly reinvest in our team and our equipment so that we can offer our customers the best roofing service. From cleaning equipment to inspection and access equipment, our investments are done so that we can offer our customers more. By identifying leaks and roof damage early, we can save our customers on repair costs. By having the latest in equipment, we can perform a superior repair and cleaning job. And by having a full time specialised roofing team, when we work to a higher standard than our competitors.

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