We may all think that we know what a roof is all about but for so many of our customers across Glasgow and Edinburgh, they simply don’t know the difference between slate and tile roofing when it comes to roof repairs.

So we have put together this page with some information on the difference between tiles for roofing and slates for roofing to help give you a better understanding of the difference.

Firstly we need to start with the basics before we answer the questions – What is the difference between slate and tile roofing?

For a good quality roof, you need good quality roofing materials which is why tiles and slates are so commonly used for roofing in homes across Glasgow and Edinburgh.

What Are Slates?

Slate Tiles are the ‘luxurious’ option and come in three main categories:

Natural slating is the perfect choice for maintaining that period look of your home. This is most important for so many of the original sandstone homes across Scotlands two largest cities. The lifespan and durability of slate tiles means that you needn’t have to worry about future roof replacement work. Any future work that you would need on your roof would be (or at least should be) low level roof repair maintenance through the likes of storm damage.

Natural slate for roofing is made of a fine grained metamorphic rock and is very resistant to the general wear and tear you would expect of a roof slate. While natural slate is a more natural look, it is also the most expensive slate option but they do work better on more traditional homes. With a good lifespan, natural slate provides a great, low maintenance roofing product that most commonly comes in grey shades but can be sourced in different shades, texture and pattern varieties.

Slates are fixed to a roof most commonly with nails and are built up in layers. This does however mean that they can ‘catch’ in high winds which is why we general say that a new slate roof will last a lifetime and only need repairs for the likes of storm damage because of elements like high winds displacing slates.

What are Tiles?

Tiles are a more cost effective roofing solution and are found on so many more modern homes, bungalows and communal tenement blocks. Roofing tiles are made from either concrete or clay which means that they come in a wide range of design and colours to fit the varying style of homes across Glasgow and Edinburgh. While the life expectancy of tiles is less that slate, they are generally expected to last around 50 years (though the varying weather we experience in Glasgow will always make that a moving number).

Tiles are generally larger than slates and can ‘interlock’ which makes them easier to install. However for roofing that features a skylight or multiple chimney points, smaller tiles may be needed to better fit the roofing structure. With tiles, there are more options to fit the different styles of building across the city and we can advise you more on this in person.

If you would like to know more about the difference between Slate Roofing and Tile Roofing, please call Balmore at our head office in Glasgow. We can answer any and all of your questions, book in a site visit to provide you with a quotation for a new replacement roof and answer any other questions you may have about roofing and building maintenance services.

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