Preparing Your Roof for Winter in Scotland

When winter arrives in Scotland, it brings along a mix of weather conditions, from sub-zero temperatures to snow and frequent rainfall. These elements can wreak havoc on your home’s roof, whether it’s slate, tiled, or flat. Rainwater seepage and the freeze-thaw cycle can quickly turn minor issues into major damage.

Winter Roofing Maintenance Tips from Balmore

At Balmore, with nearly four decades of roofing experience in Glasgow and beyond, we understand the importance of preparing your roof for the winter months. Here are four essential tips to help minimize the risk of roof damage during winter:

1. Autumn Roof Inspection: Schedule a thorough roof inspection in autumn. While a visual check by yourself can identify loose slates, hiring a professional roofer for a detailed inspection can uncover hidden issues like loose guttering. Booking early ensures timely repairs before winter weather sets in.

2. Leaf Clearance: Clear fallen leaves from your roof and gutters during autumn. Leaves can block gutters, causing water buildup and potential damage when frozen. In Glasgow’s tree-lined streets, this simple task can prevent a range of roofing problems.

3. Post-Storm Check: After a storm, check your roof for damage, especially during the stormy late autumn months. Even if you inspected earlier, storms can make your roof vulnerable to winter weather, so prompt post-storm checks are crucial.

4. Snow Removal: If safe to do so, clear snow buildup from your roof, particularly on flat roofs. Snow adds weight and can destabilize slates or cause ponding on flat surfaces, leading to structural issues.

Lightning Protection Systems

Beyond winter maintenance, safeguard your building from lightning strikes with our lightning protection systems. Tested annually to comply with safety standards, our systems ensure the safety of your property, occupants, and electrical equipment.

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