Challenging Access Vegetation Removal and Clearing for Historic Buildings

Amidst the iconic sandstone structures adorning the landscapes of Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the surrounding towns and villages of Scotland’s Central Belt, hidden nooks and crannies often become breeding grounds for unwelcome vegetation.

Churches and other historic edifices, with their intricate architectural details, are particularly susceptible to the accumulation of debris and plant growth over time. Left unchecked, this can not only mar the aesthetic charm but also pose serious threats to the integrity of the delicate sandstone materials.

At Balmore, we offer a comprehensive solution for Difficult Access Vegetation Removal as part of our Building Maintenance Packages. From meticulous sandstone cleaning to intricate stonework restoration, we specialize in clearing vegetation from inaccessible areas that conventional methods struggle to reach, making scaffolding unnecessary.

Aerial Access Platform

Our Mobile Access Platform provides a versatile solution for cleaning and maintenance tasks on building exteriors. With a telescopic reach of up to 23 meters and an extension capability of 13 meters, our platform grants our contractors safe access to conduct essential repairs and cleaning work.

An aerial access platform offers swift access to sites without the hassle of scaffolding. Whether it’s emergency storm damage repairs, scheduled maintenance, or delicate stonework restoration, our platform ensures efficient and cost-effective solutions without disrupting building access or requiring permits.

Where Our Access Platform Can Be Utilised