Come the winter months, the freezing conditions can play havoc with everything from transportation to the increase in heating costs.

But what does the freezing conditions do to your homes roof?

Freezing weather and condensation can lead to the formation of literal dams of ice which can damage a roof. As the ice expands, it can dislodge roofing slates so that when the ice thaws, the slates can come loose and slip off.

Ice can also block and crack gutters, especially in the vulnerable weak joints. If you have not cleared your gutters, the build up of ice can help accelerate the problem. This will lead to leaks in the gutters which can saturate and damage stonework and cause additional problems to your homes building structure.

Freezing conditions can also shrink your roof. If you have heard the clickety clack of railway lines while on the train, you will know that this is the gap in the railway tracks that allows for the expansion and contraction of the metal lines. A roof also expands and contracts. If you have been having leaks in your roof and have ignored them, those leaks can easily freeze, making the contraction of the roof worse. As the roof shrinks, it can expose the roofs building materials to the elements which, if they are connected to other parts of your roof such as your chimney, can make the situation worse. If you have ever heard a sudden bang on the roof, you may dismiss it as a bird or a fallen branch of a tree. But it could actually be a nail in your roof literally giving up under the strain and popping loose.

We are Balmore Specialist Contracts, your local Glasgow Roofer with over thirty five years as a local roof repair, maintenance and new roofing company.

We undertake all aspects of roofing work, from roof repairs to new roofs and flat roofing with a team of fully qualified and experienced roofers fitted with Rope Access equipment so that we can access any and all roofing locations – ideal for historic buildings in Glasgow such as Church spires.

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We are experts in our field and use industry-led, scientific and engineering practices to ensure our work is of the highest standard and has integrity. So from our Rope Access Roofing Team to the aerial drones and thermal imaging cameras we use to detect and repair leaks in roofs, this recipe has seen us expand and grow from our humble beginnings to become the company we are today. Serving residential and commercial roofing customers in and around not just Glasgow, but the central belt of Scotland  Come rain or shine.

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We are based in Glasgow but our services are frequently called upon across the Central Belt of Scotland.  From historic buildings in Edinburgh to large sandstone homes in the Southside of Glasgow and all the way across Renfrewshire, Ayrshire and the West Coast of Scotland.  From the areas we cover to the quality roofing service we provide, it is easy to see why we have grown to become one of the leading roofing contractors in Glasgow and across Central Scotland.

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