Dormer Windows are a popular choice of protrusion in your homes roof that ‘juts’ out from the conventional roof angle of the main roof.

Depending on the style and construction of your home, a dormer is a great way of creating new space, adding light and adding headroom to a loft space.

Across Glasgow, so many home owners are looking to expand their existing homes space by converting their lofts, converting their garage or adding an extension to their home.

A dormer is a great way of adding additional space to your loft conversion.

There are many types of dormer available including:

A Gable Dormer

This is the most common type of dormer for homes in Glasgow. It has a peaked roof sloping down on either side.

A Flared Dormer

A flared dormer is effectively a gable dormer but with a roofing section that flares out. This can be advantageous if the location of the dormer window is directly in the path of the sun.

Eyebrow Dormer

Not as common anymore, this low curved roof dormers were very popular with various period homes in Glasgow.

A Hipped Dormer

This style has three sides that meet at a recessed point.

An Inset Dormer

A popular choice with architects looking to add an interesting twist to your loft space, an inset dormer is the opposite of the others in that it does not extend out from the roof but is set back, leaving a flat, horizontal space at the base.

A Flat Dormer

Popular with bungalow homes in Glasgow where they want more space in the loft area, a flat dormer has a flat, non-sloping roof.

A Shed Dormer

As the name suggests, a shed dormer looks similar to a conventional garden shed. The single sloping plane follows a shallow angle compared to the main roof.

A Link Dormer

When two parts of a roof meet through a dormer, this is called a link. These are generally the largest style of dormer that you will find on Glasgow homes.

At Balmore, we have been working on the repair, fitting and maintenance of dormers of all shape, style and size across Glasgow for over 35 years. As a leading Glasgow Roofer and Building Maintenance Firm, our experience of working on homes ranging from original Victorian Sandstone homes right up to modern new build town houses is second to none. It allows us to offer a quality service at a competitive price.

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