Would you like to know more about what cladding is and why it is so important as part of your building maintenance?

At Balmore, we are one of the leading building maintenance specialists, dealing with cladding of all shapes and sizes for domestic properties, commercial properties and industrial properties.

So what is cladding?

Cladding refers to a material or layer that is applied to the exterior surface of a structure or object to provide protection, insulation, or an aesthetic appearance. It is commonly used in building construction and manufacturing for various purposes. Cladding can serve several functions, including:

  1. Weather Protection: Cladding can protect the underlying structure from the elements, such as rain, wind, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations. This is particularly important for buildings in Scotland to prevent damage and deterioration.
  2. Thermal Insulation: Some types of cladding, like insulated panels or materials with thermal properties, can improve a building’s energy efficiency by reducing heat loss or gain.
  3. Aesthetic Enhancement: Cladding materials can be chosen for their visual appeal and can significantly contribute to the overall look and style of a building or object. It’s often used to create a specific architectural or design effect.
  4. Sound Insulation: Certain cladding materials can also provide acoustic insulation, reducing the transmission of sound from the outside environment such as wind noise and city noise pollution to the interior of a building.
  5. Fire Resistance: Fire-resistant cladding can help improve the fire safety of a structure by slowing the spread of flames.
  6. Durability and Protection: Cladding can protect the underlying structure from wear and tear, corrosion, and other forms of damage, extending the lifespan of the building or object.

Common materials used for cladding in construction include wood, metal (such as aluminium or steel), stone, brick, concrete, glass, vinyl, and composite materials. The choice of cladding material depends on factors such as the intended function, budget, aesthetics, and local environmental conditions.

Is cladding safe?

In recent years, there have been notable cases where the safety of cladding materials, particularly in high-rise buildings, has come under scrutiny due to fire hazards. As a result, regulations and standards for cladding materials have become more stringent to ensure safety and prevent fire spread.

At Balmore, we can assist with all types of cladding repair, replacement and maintenance. Using rope access and aerial platforms, we can access cladding at height to conduct required work.

Our Industrial Cladding Services

Shapes, Sizes and Colours

We can install cladding in a variety of colours and sizes so if you are looking to replace cladding on your industrial facility and want to make a visual impact then we can offer the perfect aesthetic solution for you that can really help establish a stronger brand identity for your business.

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With our head office in Port Glasgow, we have been expanding both our range of services and the areas of Scotland that we cover. As a multi-service construction company, we have experience in commercial, industrial and private contracts, establishing a reputation for progressing projects in a professional & timeous manner to the complete satisfaction of our clients’ requirements.

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