Dry Rot is a big problem for roofs and there is no such thing as a little dry rot.

If your homes roof have dry rot then it can affect the structural timbers of your roof causing them to become compromised. Left long enough, the rot can then spread into the stonework and plastering in your home.

If you have dry rot and leave it untreated, it can affect load bearing beams and other structural elements of your home causing them to weaken.

The scary thing is that you may not even know if you have dry rot until its affects become visible. The smell of fungus and even the visible growth of fungus on wooden roof beams and roofing sarking boards is the first tell tale signs that your homes roof may have dry rot.

How is dry rot caused?

Dry rot is caused by water leaks and moisture. The easiest way to prevent the build up of dry rot is to ensure that your roof has no leaks and should any appear, they are dealt with by a roofer quickly.

The Dry Rot Cycle

Dry Rot consists of four main stages:

Mycelium Growth

This appears as a white or grey ‘fuzz’ similar to cotton wool. It has the ability o quickly spread as it looks for wood to eat.

Fruiting Body

Sporophire is a round shaped fruiting body with a rusty deep red colour and outer edge white colour.

Affected Wood

As the dry rot grows, it dries out and removes the moisture from the wood. If the wooden beams in your roof are looking dried out or have shrunk, it causes the wood to become brittle and loose structural strength.


The presence of a damp, fungal smell can indicate that you have dry rot, even if you can’t see evidence of it.

If you do have any dry rot in your roofing wooden beams or sarking, you will have to have the affected wood removed and replaced while any wooden beams in close proximity should be treated with a chemical agent. Dry rot is far more serious than wet rot. It is a living fungus and feeds on timber so it is always looking for new sources of food. If your roof has been infected and the conditions are right, dry rot can spread fast.

How to prevent dry rot in your roof.

Have regular roofing maintenance work carried out at your property is the best way to ensure that you have no dry rot. By preventing moisture and water leaks from entering the inside of your roof, you can prevent dry rot from becoming a big problem.

We are one of the leading local roofing contractors in Scotland with nearly 40 years of service across the central belt of Scotland.

From our head office in Glasgow, we can provide the complete roofing and building maintenance service ranging from traditional roofing repairs to new slate or tile roof fitting and emergency roofing work after storm damage.

Roofing Services

Roof maintenance is the best way of ensuring that your roof stays in a strong and healthy condition.

Your homes roof is the first line of defence against the winter wind and rain that batters Glasgow each and every year.  So making sure it is up to the challenges of what Mother Nature can throw at it is of paramount importance.

Why is roof maintenance important?

When you think about it, every year, consumers take their cars and motorcycles to garages for maintenance and servicing yet they still expect that every year their own roof will be just as strong as the year before; despite little or no maintenance, care or attention.

At Balmore Roofing, we are an Award Winning Company providing a comprehensive and recommended Glasgow roofer maintenance repair service for residential and commercial roofs in and around the city.

We have been repairing and maintaining roofs in and around Glasgow for over thirty five years. In that time we have grown, strengthened and built a roofing firm that proudly does what they say they are going to do and provides a reliable and recommended roofing service to all of our customers.

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