Rope Access is a specialized system utilizing ropes and climbing equipment to access locations that would otherwise be unreachable or too costly to access using conventional methods such as scaffolding. This makes it an excellent solution for a variety of tasks including roofing, building maintenance, and steeplejack work. At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we are recognized throughout Scotland as a leading expert in difficult access solutions, with rope access services being one of our core specialties.

What are the advantages of Rope Access?

  1. Access: Rope Access can be employed in a wide range of situations, from accessing the side of a Church Steeple to repairing cladding halfway down a high-rise building. Unlike scaffolding, which is limited to its setup location, a single rope access contractor can access multiple points in a single session.
  2. Speed: Setting up and dismantling scaffolding can take days, depending on the complexity of the structure. In contrast, Rope Access is a quick system to deploy and dismantle, making it ideal for both regular inspections and emergency maintenance work.
  3. Safety: Despite the perception of hanging from ropes being unsafe, we adhere to strict safety guidelines, such as those outlined by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association), ensuring each team member is attached to two independent anchor points. This approach offers a higher level of safety compared to scaffolding or powered access lifter work.
  4. Minimal Hassle: Setting up scaffolding may involve road closures, access issues, and obtaining permits. Rope Access minimizes these inconveniences, making it a more convenient option.

Where can rope access be used? Rope access services can be utilized in a vast array of scenarios, with few limitations on the types of sites it can access. From abseil window cleaning to steeplejack work, rope access offers versatility and efficiency. Our rope access services cover a wide range of tasks including:

Maintenance and Repair Work: With the increasing prevalence of architecturally modern buildings featuring glass and steel, the need for regular cleaning, repair, and maintenance has never been greater. Rope access offers a practical solution for tasks such as NDT work, bolt inspection, and industrial maintenance, especially where aerial work platforms or scaffolding may be impractical.

To learn more about our rope access services and how they can address your roofing, building maintenance, and access needs, please contact our Glasgow head office at 0141 944 6100.